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Security Plus for Dummies

Information technology is constantly changing and evolving, and it is easy to fall behind and find that an industry you once knew a lot about is suddenly unfamiliar. There is always something new to learn and something else to fix. When used correctly, the Internet can be an undeniable asset. Doctors and surgeons are able to connect across the globe to consult about mystery illnesses, for example, and communication becomes limitless. Oh the other hand, a misused Internet can quickly become hazardous to one's identity, income, and life. "Security Plus for Dummies" is an informational and user-friendly guide for Internet security professionals that can help them master Internet safety....(more)

Avoid Internet Dangers by Performing a Scam Search Using These Popular Sites

A helpful method for avoiding Internet dangers is to perform an online scam search. There are many sites that can help you discover if you've encountered an online scam. Most of these sites are free to use. An ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure. Use these valuable online resources to avoid being scammed by cyber thieves and criminals....(more)

What Are the Components and Types of an Intrusion Detection System?

As organizations continue to use the internet, the incidences of intrusions also increase. These breaches may lead to information loss if the breach affects sensitive organization information. Information networks and systems are subject to the dangers of electronic attacks. Consequently, the installation of an intrusion detection system or IDS represents the first defense line for most organizations. While this software can aid with network security, it poses certain disadvantages including false alarms....(more)

Detecting and Removing Spyware and Adware in Your Computer

The Internet is a source of useful, interesting, and entertaining information. Most of what you view is of your own choosing. Sometimes, information is sent to your computer that can become a nuisance. Dangerous data that you are unaware of can cause major problems. Viruses, worms, and malware are the main culprits, with spyware and adware causing consistent problems as well....(more)


How URL Addresses Began

When you need to visit a page on the Internet, you simply type or paste its URL into your web browser's address bar, hit enter and off you go. It is a modern convenience that you take for granted, but what exactly is a URL, and how did this method for navigating the web begin?...(more)

Authoritative Research Resources for Students

With the amount of information available on the Internet constantly expanding and a lack of policing in the accuracy of its claims, it's increasingly difficult for students to determine which ones are authoritative. The first impulse of many students is to go to the first website that appears when they conduct a keyword search. The assumption is that if it's widely read, it must be true. Although the logic makes sense, ironically, the opposite is more often than not true. Here are a few authoritative research websites for students....(more)

Aten-hut! Military History Trivia

War, as the saying goes, is hell, but military history is much more pleasant. Wars from the distant past can be seen as part the larger tapestry of human history, somewhat sanitized from the agony and suffering they inevitably produced. And though war should not be romanticized, it does hold thrall over people's attention. In some cases, the oddities, the trivia, can be found with just brief searches on the Internet. The following are from MiliTrivia, at


Where to Find Free Christmas Movies Online

Christmas traditions vary from household to household, but the tradition of watching Christmas movies is one of the most popular. The Internet is full of free movies to watch, including Christmas movies. Break open the eggnog, and watch your favorite Christmas classics, along with new movies, without spending a dollar....(more)

Where to Watch Christmas Movies Online

There are few things in life that are as fun to do with your family as watching movies. Movies provide a great way for a family to bond and enjoy something as a unit. Interestingly enough, Christmas movies are some of the warmest films. Even if it is not the season, watching Christmas movies online is still a fun activity....(more)

How to Watch Movies on Hulu for Free

Hulu is an online streaming media site that allows you to instantly watch your favorite TV shows and movies, all for free. Hulu free movies range from Lifetime network movies to new releases. Of course, a subscription allows you to have access to many more of your favorite titles, but there are plenty of free options to keep you entertained....(more)

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